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Watercolor Class

I am excited to now offer both, progressive watercolor programs and single watercolor workshops.  


Classes are currently being offered virtually via ZOOM. All participants need to provide their own supplies. Recommended supplies can be found here.

Image by Fallon Michael

What to Expect

Beginner (progressive)

This is a 6 class progressive course. No prior watercolor experience needed. Basic drawing skills are helpful but not required.



  1. ​Supply discussion, paper prep, create a color chart, begin mixing

  2. More color mixing, washes and layering, color theory

  3. Types of Brushes and brush stroke/techniques

  4. Technique Practice: bookmarks

  5. Beginning landscape, Drawing and Sky

  6. Finish Landscape, Ground, Foliage and detail options



This class will build on skills learned in the beginner Session. 


Image by Elena Mozhvilo

Single Workshop

During these workshops you will complete a watercolor painting beginning to end in 1-2 hours. I have scheduled monthly projects or you can choose from my library of projects.



contact me for pricing and scheduling
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