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Acrylic Supplies

Please come to class with supplies listed below. I will have links to purchase items online, but feel free to buy from your favorite store or supplier.


Below is a link to an Amazon shopping list of recommended supplies. PLEASE read the descriptions/comments on the Amazon list. I have several types of paint on there to meet different budgets but YOU ONLY NEED ONE SET. Please read the supply information before you buy anything. Buy what works for you based on your interest, needs and budget! I have also created a printable supply list to take with you.

Printable Supply List


There is a huge range in acrylic paint. The higher the pigment concentration, the higher the price. Cheaper paints are weak in color and are mostly water and binder. Though it may be tempting to buy cheap, you will only make painting more difficult. I recommend Liquitex student quality. Top of the line are Golden paints. I use them in my studio. But if you are on a budget, i actually recommend Folk Art and Delta Ceramcoat craft paints. The have good coverage and are super easy to work with. 



Brushes can be natural, synthetic or both. Natural bristles create softer loser strokes and synthetic tend to create sharper lines. I would have a variety. But at least 1 natural med, round.

Sizes to have on hand 

  • Round: Larger, #10 or #12, Medium, #6 or #8, and a small: #1, #2 or #4, detail,3/0 is nice

  • Flat: 1”, 3/4” & 1/2”

  • Mop brush: large & floppy for lots of water



MY favorite palettes are Corelle plates (from Walmart) but other things work too: Large white ceramic tiles from the hardware store, ceramic plate, enamel tray... I sometimes use plastic palettes but it's always a good idea to have a larger mixing area. Caution as some pigments can stain surfaces. You can even use something as simple as a piece of wax paper! 



The standard size canvas I recommend for my classes are 9"x12". I use Canvas panels because they are nice and rigid and are also flat for easy storage. And conveniently, they fit in store-bought frames! You are free to use whatenver size you like, just remember the larger th canvas, the more paint you will use and the longer it will take to complete. If you go too small, you will need to paint on a smaller scale which may be difficult for some, specially with poor vision.


drawing supplies

I often require both White Chalk and Charcoal for drawing during our projects. Good old white chalk for the dollar store works just fine and you will want "medium" VINE charcoal which can be found online or at any art/craft supply store. 



Easels are optional. If you do decide to purchase a tabletop easel, try to find a HEAVY one. Lightweight easels are not sturdy and tend to tip. Many people prefer not to use them, especially if they have and shoulder problems. It is a personal choice of comfort and ease. 


misc. supplies

  • Water Jar

  • Rag/Paper Towels

  • Ruler

  • Blow Dryer

  • Apron

  • Table Cloth (I recommend a vinyl felt back table cover.)

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